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LED clothing on a large scale light dance will have a good momentum of development

LED clothing on a large scale light dance will have a good momentum of development

Clothing is an important medium for us to preliminarily judge a person. As the saying goes, "clothes make a man, and gold makes a Buddha", we can see the information of a person's taste, wealth and even some living habits by looking at his dress. But clothes have evolved over the years, and the design aspect has almost reached the limits of human imagination. With the continuous development of electronic technology, some designers have begun to consider whether the combination of modern electronic elements into traditional clothing will bring a new wave to the fashion design industry in the face of all kinds of LED screens.

Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, designers from London-based CuteCircuit, first came up with the idea and immediately put it into practice. They recently launched a line of InfiniTshirt products, which can be programmed to display 1024p full-color screens on clothing.

Rosella says their latest clothing design will provide a truly interactive experience for users. With the help of cloth specially developed by CuteCircuit, they can embed microphones, tiny cameras, accelerometers and speakers. These devices allow clothing to play video at 25 frames per second, and when it moves, the effect is spectacular.

The suite of app controls, which they call tshirtOS, allows users to control visuals, pictures, text and more from an iPhone with specific apps installed. These products are currently in the early stages of development, and the cost per unit is very high, with each InfiniTshirt product costing up to £850. But they believe that once mass production is achieved, the cost will be reduced quickly.

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