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Latest News

Latest News

Creative remote control luminous color big back
Creative remote control luminous color big back... View More>>
Cool Boy street dance performance costumes Creative dazzling electric light dance costumes
The latest trend in fashion technology is the stunning LED light-up dance clothing.... View More>>
LED Lighting Dance Suit Men's dance suit - the perfect stage performance outfit!
LED Lighting Dance Suit Men's dance suit - the perfect stage performance outfit! The appearance will attract the audience's attention and become the brightest you.... View More>>
LED fiber optic light dance costume
Made from a blend of high quality fiber fabric and LED lights, this luminous suit is durable and resistant to wear and tear. Soft fabric, long time wearing comfort, LED light festival energy, ensure long life.... View More>>
Creative Snow girl Light up performance costume
LED lighting, customizable light show costumes, remote programmable control of lighting effects... View More>>
Creative luminous Princess dress
Introducing our fabulous LED Illuminated Princess Dress! This magical dress is the perfect choice for little princesses who want to stand out in any crowd.... View More>>
Dazzling luminous hat-Beads
Introducing the LED Light-up Hat – Beaded Style! Our product is the perfect accessory for any performance and can be controlled remotely for easy programming.... View More>>
Creative optical fiber luminous Korean ethnic performance costume
Hunan Future Creative Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in creating innovative and creative products. One of their most exciting offerings is their fiber optic lit traditional Korean clothing, which is designed for use in fluorescent and ... View More>>
Creative LED top skirt suit
Looking for a unique way to be the center of attention? Check out our LED-lit cape and skirt set! This set features a stunning LED-lit cape and matching short skirt that is sure to turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd.... View More>>
Creative luminous fringe hat
Introducing our latest product – the LED Light-Up Shiny Hat! This hat is not just any regular hat that keeps you warm, it's an amazing piece of technology infused with style. The LED lights on this hat add an extra touch of shine and glamour to your outfi... View More>>
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