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We have rich experience in luminous clothing production and sales, to bring you more intimate and professional products and services.


About Us

About Us

Hunan Future Creative Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2012, was formerly known as Changsha Tianchuang Stage Clothing Co., LTD. The company focuses on LED luminous clothing, LED clothing, LED luminous fiber clothing, LED wedding dress, LED gloves, LED props, wireless tron dance clothing、Circus costumes, Led shoes custom, Fiber optic ball gowns, Custom Led costumes, Led lighting custom clothing, Led lighting costumes sexy, and the improvement of supporting facilities, set creative electronics and intelligent development, design and production as one. We continue to create opportunities and value for our customers by providing competitive, safe, stable and reliable product solutions and services in the performing arts field. We have experienced sales managers to provide you with timely, intimate and professional pre-sales and after-sales service.

Our luminous clothing features the following:

1. Customized, hand-welded LED strip as light source, clothing can be folded freely, LED strip is not easy to break.
2. Each LED light can be individually controlled by our clothing dedicated sync plug-in SD card controller.
3. International standard 433 wireless control mode (customizable)
4. The fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable.
5. All hand-made, exquisite workmanship, durable.

Our exclusive editing software specially developed for luminous clothing is very simple to operate and precise to control the synchronization rate. It can edit hundreds of different types of luminous clothing at the same time, and also import music and clothing at the same time. The editing program effect is clear at a glance in the simulation mode. Supports three types of controller :(a) common SD card controller; (b)433 wireless synchronization controller; (c) 2.4g wireless real-time controller. Software support online real-time control, also copy editing program offline control.

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