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What is the principle of luminous clothing

What is the principle of luminous clothing

LED luminous clothing is a very popular clothing product in recent years. Different from traditional clothes, LED luminous clothes can shine on the wearer's body, which is very special and popular among young people. So, technically speaking, how is the LED luminous clothing implemented?

LED (Light Emitting Diode), also known as light-emitting diode, is an electrical component that emits light through a circuit. Ordinary LED luminous clothing is embedded in the surface of the LED and connected by a wire, and powered by a battery. The internal circuit design of such luminous clothes is very sophisticated and requires a lot of time and energy. But different things can be done to achieve different effects: for example, to make clothes that change colour or to make clothes that actually respond to sensors.

In addition to leds, there are other kinds of light-emitting devices that can be used to make luminous clothes. For example, EL (Electroluminescent) light or glass tubes light. EL light is made by embedding a sheet of EL material into the inside and surface of the garment, which is activated by an alternating current and emits light. The light-emitting element is thinner and smaller than LED, and can be closer to the surface of the clothing, increasing the design beauty of the clothing.

Through the control of the circuit system, LED luminous clothing can show colorful effects, such as luminous effect, light flicker effect, dream effect, gradient effect, etc. These effects make LED luminous clothing replace the traditional colored lights stage to a certain extent, and become the new favorite in events, parties and other occasions.

In summary, leds are made by attaching leds or other light-emitting elements to the surface of the garment and connecting it to internal circuits. Through the battery power supply, the light emitting element, to achieve a unique wearing effect.

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