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Future creative 3D sculpting bee figurine


Future creative 3D sculpting bee figurine

Product model:产品特点及优势: 我们自己生产的服装专用LED软灯带具有非常高的韧性、抗拉能力强、使用寿命长、穿戴简易舒适。 1.专属定制LED灯条光源,服装可任意折叠,LED灯条不易折断。 2.每个led灯可单独控制(SD卡控制模式)。 3.国际标准无线433控制方式 4.所用发光材料和控制系统均属自主产权; 5.面料柔软、舒适、透气。 6.全手工制作,做工精致,经久耐用。 7.可根据您的图纸、照片以及来样个性化定制。 服装控制软件 我们开发的服装专用控制软件,操作简单易懂,创意独一无二。控制同步速率非常精准,可同时编辑上百套不同类型的发光服装,也可同时导入,软件支持联机实时控制,也可拷贝编辑程序脱机控制。 音乐和服装在仿真模式下编辑,程序的效果非常清晰明了。同时支持以下三种类型控制器: (1)普通SD卡控制器(编程需要用到我们的LED灯光编程合辑软件已经自己制作动画效果,专业性比较强适合有基础的人员使用) (2)433无线同步控制器(我们的控制器的通信距离达到了2000米,抗干扰能力强,可控制无限台分控,可联机使用也可脱机使用。) (3)RF射频遥控控制器(内置上百种程序可选,适合用于不用同步编程,只需要跑动效果) 移动电源 我们的服装专用移动电源(电池)不仅体积小,还具有超大电流,电流峰值达到8A,相当于市场的4个移动电源的电流总和。 电池盒分三种: wl-p09A(一个电池盒可给500-600个像素点供电) 最大容量:15000MA 输入电压:10V~2A 输出电压:5V 输出电流:5A-15A 最大功率:40W wl-p09B(一般用于433发射器供电) 最大容量:15000MA 输入电压:10V~2A 输出电压:5V/12v 输出电流:5A wl-p010(一个电池盒可给50-150个像素点供电) 最大容量:7600MA 输入电压:5V~1A 输出电压:5V 输出电流:3A


Clothing color:Black and yellow (customizable)

color of light:Seven colors/magic colors are available

IC model:WS28 Series

Clothing prices:$2133

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Product features and advantages:

Our garment special LED soft light belt has very high toughness, strong tensile ability, long service life, easy to wear and comfortable.
1. Customized LED light source, clothing can be folded freely, LED light is not easy to break.
2. Each LED light can be controlled separately (SD card control mode).
3. International standard wireless 433 control mode
4. The luminescent materials and control system used are proprietary;
5. The fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable.
6. All handmade, exquisite workmanship, durable.
7. It can be customized according to your drawings, photos and samples.

Clothing control software
We develop special clothing control software, easy to understand the operation, creative unique. Control synchronization rate is very accurate, can edit hundreds of sets of different types of luminous clothing at the same time, also can import at the same time, software support online real-time control, also can copy editing program offline control.
Music and clothing in the simulation mode of editing, the effect of the program is very clear. Supports the following three types of controllers:
(1) Ordinary SD card controller (the program needs to use our LED lighting programming compilation software to make animation effects by ourselves, which is more professional and suitable for basic personnel)
(2) 433 wireless synchronous controller (the communication distance of our controller is up to 2000 meters, with strong anti-interference ability, which can control the division control of infinite station, and can be used online or offline.)
(3) RF radio frequency remote control controller (built-in hundreds of programs optional, suitable for not synchronous programming, only need to run the effect)

Mobile power supply
Our garment special mobile power supply (battery) is not only small in size, but also has a large current. The peak current reaches 8A, equivalent to the total current of four mobile power supplies in the market.There are three types of battery cases:
WL-P09A(a battery box can power 500-600 pixels)
Maximum capacity: 15000MA
Input voltage: 10V~2A
Output voltage :5V
Output current :5A-15A
Maximum power: 40W

WL-P09B (generally used for 433 emitter power supply)
Maximum capacity: 15000MA
Input voltage: 10V~2A
Output voltage :5V/ 12V
Output current :5A

WL-P010 (one battery box can power 50-150 pixels)
Maximum capacity: 7600MA
Input voltage: 5V to 1A
Output voltage :5V
Output current: 3A

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